How to Clean and Care For Your Yoga Mat

by Customer Support on Jan 03, 2023

How to Clean and Care For Your Yoga Mat
Over time, we come to form relationships with our yoga mats as they support us through our yoga journeys. It's important to take good care of them in return to insure a long-lasting, durable experience with them. The best way to do this is by keeping them nice and clean.

Whether your yoga mat is brand new or an old, faithful companion, regularly cleaning it is something you should make a habit out of. Each time you use your yoga mat, it gets covered in oils, dirt, and—you guessed it—plenty of sweat. Here are some tips for safely cleaning your mat.

Clean Your Yoga Mat Regularly
You should clean your yoga mat about once a week. However, if you practice daily, outside, or tend to sweat a lot, consider giving your mat a quick wipe-down after each session. This is great for hygiene and ensures a long life for your mat.

Use a Natural Cleaning Solution
We suggest using an all-natural yoga mat cleaner. This is especially great for eco-friendly yoga mats that are made from natural resources. There are plenty of options available for you to choose from.

Avoid Using Too Much Water & Soap
It's best to use a small amount of water and minimal soap because submerging your yoga mat could cause it to become waterlogged. Both your mat and Mother Earth will thank you!

Cleaning your new yoga mat is also a great way to break it in. It can take a while to get lots of use out of your mat so that it starts to feel more comfortable and less slippery. However, in addition to regularly cleaning your yoga mat, there are a few ways to speed up the break-in process and make it feel like home sooner.