MYST was born during the pandemic, when Jess was stuck alone in her apartment. With so many pleasures (coffee with friends, hugs from family, getting lost in a crowd…) off-limits, she found that the little things we do to enrich our daily lives actually provide a critical boost to mood, performance, and wellbeing.

Yoga turned from a hobby into a necessity, a way to stay sane. That daily session on the mat was respite from the anxiety, boredom, and sense of stasis outside.

Jess started experimenting with aromatherapy, adding a deeper dimension of relaxation and meditation to her practice, and the idea for MYST was born:

What if your yoga mat wasn’t ‘just’ a mat? Could your mat provide an integrated sensory experience to transform your practice.

Welcome to the answer to that question, the culmination of Jess’s vision, thousands of hours of research, contemplation, and prototyping.

This approach has given us so much, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

At MYST we believe in celebrating artists

We believe that yoga mats can (should) be more than blank, functional rectangles, without personality or meaning. We collaborate with artists to bring you original designs to deepen and enhance your time on the mat.

This first generation of MYST mats incorporate sacred art by Izzy Ivy ( Izzy is an international visionary painter, healer and teacher, who brings her unique perspective to every aspect of her art. She has trained extensively in Reiki and body work, and is the author and illustrator of the Beyond Lemuria and Unveiling the Golden Age oracle decks.

Each MYST mat has been custom-designed for us by Izzy, and represents a pose which holds deep meaning for our founders. Not just beautiful, the designs on the mat can deepen your meditation practice through contemplation and visual stimulation. The figure placement has also been designed to foster balance during the practice and assist with pose alignment.